The Power of R: Rethink, Don’t Overthink

The Power of R: Rethink, Don’t Overthink

The Power of R: Rethink

Rethink: Think again about, especially in order to make changes to it

I have a habit of overthinking. If it was my profession I’d be a billionaire like three times over.

Even as I sit here and attempt to write something that I can be proud of I’m overthinking it. This is my 10th draft now and I haven’t quite settled on a direction I’m satisfied with.

Well, 11th time’s the charm. I hope.

For the last few years, I’ve been trying to work on breaking my tendency to overthink. I definitely don’t want to divulge into the reasons I do overthink because none of us have that kind of time and I don’t pay you to be my shrink. But I will say that it is a really, really, hard habit to break.

Reflecting on the topic, I’m realizing how much I overthunk so many things in the past that I’m surprised I’ve made it this far. But I was never really aware of how consequential it was up until a few years ago when I wanted to start this very site you’re on.

Originally, yes, I will admit, I wanted to start the website because I was a lost 20 something-year-old (still am) who wanted to do something creative that would share my passions with the world. Spending too much time on Pinterest makes you think you can do anything.

When I first started, I wanted it to be food and travel focused. Corny as hell but who doesn’t enjoy a good food and travel blog? It seemed like a great idea at the time. I had a new project to obsess over and it gave me a lot of momentum when my new 9-5 job sucked.

So there I was sitting at my computer going through my Blog To-Do list like a boss and getting through all of the administrative tasks like: (1) Choose hosting site (2) Purchase domain name (3) Install WordPress. The easy stuff to get through.

Then came the hard part. Once the administrative stuff was over, I was finally able to get to the creative part of the site. The part that should just flow naturally because I’m a creative person with creative capabilities.

You think you know yourself so well your entire life, but when you have to sit down and translate your inner-being into words and images, it can spiral you into an existential crisis. I attempted to draft and create my logo, tagline, and general content for the site but anything I put together I was incredibly displeased with. I started to get frustrated and in turn started to overthink everything I was doing.

I got to a place where I couldn’t move forward with anything until the branding piece of my site was spot on. Do not get me wrong, branding is incredibly important and fundamental, but it is something you develop overtime. If you’re able to get it right, right of the bat, then I bow down to you. But for mere mortals, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Any artist knows that the first draft is never what the final piece ends up being. Changes occur throughout until you get to the masterpiece. For some reason, I lost sight of that and didn’t want to make mistakes. Again, as cliche as it sounds, you really have to make mistakes in order to improve and grow. Since I didn’t want to make mistakes, I didn’t allow myself to grow.

So. As much as we should prevent ourselves from overthinking, we should not be scared to rethink. Rethinking an idea is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s incredibly practical and smart to rethink things from time to time. If something you’ve created is not working, then rethink it.

When I’m in an overthinking state of mind, I delay the inevitable failure or the inevitable success. But being in a mindset where you can say, “Hey, let’s try it out and if it doesn’t work then let’s revisit it later”, is a much better way to approach things. Rethinking allows progress to occur.

Overthinking kills your dreams. It inhibits you from reaching your potential. It shatters your confidence and allows room for self-doubt. The more you do it, the more you get in the way of yourself. R.I.P. Dreams and self-growth, overthinking won the battle.

Ok, that was a bit dramatic but you get the idea.

My entire life I’ve always so focused on being perfect that I was unable to make crucial mistakes that would have allowed me to get deeper into who I am and who I want to be. I’ve subconsciously invested all of my time and energy stressing over perfection instead of being open to failure. Rethinking is my fancy way of saying do not be scared of making mistakes.

The fear of making mistakes is holding you back from achieving great things. Do not let you get the best of you.

Recovering overthinker,


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